Erin’s Bridal Session at The University of Oklahoma Campus

I always joke with Erin that she should try out for America’s Next Top Model. She laughs it off…but seriously, isn’t she stunning? She has this really classic look with a little bit of “fashiony” edge. We shot the Bridal Session at The University of Oklahoma campus where she and her fiance Sean spent many years. I am really looking forward to shooting their wedding in a couple of weeks at The Oklahoma Heritage Museum and can’t wait to post pictures of that amazing day.



Stephanie+Josh Engagement

I know I always say it…but I am so lucky. I have the BEST bride and grooms. I mean the TOTAL package. Great looking couples that are the nicest people. Stephanie and Josh are all of that…and then some. He is a perfect southern gentleman and she is simply GORGEOUS. I found myself wanting to run out and buy a pair of cowboy boots after I saw the way she rocked hers. I can not wait to shoot their wedding next year. They might just be the real live Ken and Barbie…southern style.














Molly+Ryan Engagement Session

Meet Molly and Ryan. Two of the sweetest people I have ever photographed and they are absolutely “gaga” for each other. This is way  obvious in the images from their session. She is a nurse and he is a fireman….how stinkin cute! I couldn’t make that up if I tried. In all seriousness, being a fireman is a huge and important part of their lives. So when it came down to location for the shoot, there was no hesitation to make Ryan’s station the amazing backdrop. I am also happy and honored that they have chosen me to document their big day! I look forward to shooting their wedding next March at The Harn Homestead. Here is to Molly and Ryan….and an amazing future.

























Brandi+Russell Engagement Session

Okay…you probably think I say this about all my clients (love all of them), but this couple really did capture my heart. Not only were they head over heals, truly in love…but they were the NICEST and SWEETEST peeps you will ever meet. Since Russell is in the military (big props), they have moved around a lot. His next assignment will take him to New York, so they are on the fast track to tie the knot in November of this year. I was lucky enough to spend an afternoon with them and hope nothing but happiness in their future. Here is what some of our day looked like….simply perfect.

Get Personal-Wedding Websites For Couples That Wow

Did you know that you get your very own personalized website with every wedding package at Christie Conyer Photography? A wedding website is a place where you can easily find engagement photos, wedding photos, online-guest book and registry information. It is also an amazing way to share your images with friends and family. Other wedding sites don’t grow and change with you as a couple, while these showcase the evolution from engagement to long after the I-Do’s. Here is an example of one that I am doing for my amazing clients Erin and Mike. They are getting married in October and I can’t wait to showcase their wedding day. To explore all of the bells and whistles of this website go to

And The Bride Wore…Whaaaaat?!?!

If white weren’t an option (or any close variation), what color of wedding dress would you choose? There will be some brides that think this sounds ridiculous and downright blasphemous. But, colored wedding dresses are a huge trend right now and it doesn’t look like they are going anywhere.

Designer Vera Wang recently released her Fall 2012 line. The line did not include one white or ivory dress. With dramatic designs in rose and black, there was no white in sight. The soft colored wedding dresses were stunning, beautiful, and turned heads on the runway. Retailer J. Crew is launching a line of colored wedding dresses for the bride that wants to stand out and David’s Bridal is followed suit by stocking wedding gowns in blush pinks and grays.

Not ready to give up the traditional white just yet? Choose two dresses…one for the ceremony and one for the reception in COLOR! According to two fashion studies done by and, most brides described their dresses as “elegant, romantic, feminine or classic” but more often than not, they’re looking for something “flirty and fun” to wear at the reception.

Personally, I am really torn on this question (and this comes from someone who wears head-to-toe black everyday). Part of me loves the purity and elegance of white, but I cannot deny how AMAZING some of these wedding dresses look in color. Check out these images of women who took the fashion-forward plunge and decide for yourself.

photos courtesy of by Harpers Bazaar Australia, via The Senses Five

photo courtesy of Caught the Light, via 100LayerCake

photo courtesy of  Jose Villa, via OnceWed

photo courtesy of  Christine Pobke, via Green Wedding Shoes

photo courtesy of  Bayly & Moore

photo courtesy of Christie Conyer Photography

Is The “First Look” Becoming The New Wedding Tradition?

If you don’t live and breathe wedding photography (like I do) or gotten married in the last 5 years, you might not be familiar with the term “First Look”. It is a trending topic that is hotly debated among future brides and wedding photographers. Essentially, it is an orchestrated meeting of the bride and groom before the ceremony. Gasp! Yes, I said BEFORE! This is a special time where the bride and groom spend time alone to take in the moment AND each other. All while being documented, which produces some intense emotional images by the photographer.

Now, I know what you are thinking…”Isn’t it bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the ceremony”? Or maybe, you think it will have less of an effect the first time he sees you coming down the aisle? These are all valid points…and there is no right or wrong, just preference. So, I have put together a few pros vs. cons to demonstrate the key points:

– More time for romantics! This is a big advantage because the more time I have with the bride and groom, the more creative we can get with the location, poses, etc.
– Family members get to enjoy cocktail hour since all family formals are taken beforehand
– The bride and groom get to enjoy cocktail hour a bit (with the traditional timeline, you are shooting the whole cocktail hour)
– We don’t have to try to squeeze family formals, all the bridal party together, and all the romantics into cocktail hour. With a traditional timeline, this usually causes a feeling of being rushed and usually results in less time for pictures of the bride and groom together. It may even result in missing the chance to shoot during the golden hour (the last hour before sunset and best light/most “romantic light”
– Once the ceremony is over, the bride and groom just have to worry about getting more shots of the two of them and then party time! There is definitely more “flow” in this sort of timeline.
– Make-up and hair look “fresher” in the images shot before the ceremony (this is especially true in the hot summer months)
-Disappointing parents?
-Wanting to share the first look with all of your guest and family
And here is the photographic evidence:
photo courtesy Jasmine Star

(clockwise from top left: sourcesourcesourcesourcesource)

photos courtesy Katie Day Photo