And The Bride Wore…Whaaaaat?!?!

If white weren’t an option (or any close variation), what color of wedding dress would you choose? There will be some brides that think this sounds ridiculous and downright blasphemous. But, colored wedding dresses are a huge trend right now and it doesn’t look like they are going anywhere.

Designer Vera Wang recently released her Fall 2012 line. The line did not include one white or ivory dress. With dramatic designs in rose and black, there was no white in sight. The soft colored wedding dresses were stunning, beautiful, and turned heads on the runway. Retailer J. Crew is launching a line of colored wedding dresses for the bride that wants to stand out and David’s Bridal is followed suit by stocking wedding gowns in blush pinks and grays.

Not ready to give up the traditional white just yet? Choose two dresses…one for the ceremony and one for the reception in COLOR! According to two fashion studies done by and, most brides described their dresses as “elegant, romantic, feminine or classic” but more often than not, they’re looking for something “flirty and fun” to wear at the reception.

Personally, I am really torn on this question (and this comes from someone who wears head-to-toe black everyday). Part of me loves the purity and elegance of white, but I cannot deny how AMAZING some of these wedding dresses look in color. Check out these images of women who took the fashion-forward plunge and decide for yourself.

photos courtesy of by Harpers Bazaar Australia, via The Senses Five

photo courtesy of Caught the Light, via 100LayerCake

photo courtesy of  Jose Villa, via OnceWed

photo courtesy of  Christine Pobke, via Green Wedding Shoes

photo courtesy of  Bayly & Moore

photo courtesy of Christie Conyer Photography