photo (6)-2agfaPhotography is my passion! I love all types of photography, but what initially attracted me to wedding photography were the surface things. The dress, the shoes, the venue, the event…who doesn’t love a good party? It encompassed all the things I love: photography, fashion, event planning, food (uumm, cake please!). But, it wasn’t until I was asked by a friend to photograph my first wedding that I realized there was more. LOTS more. The people, the ability to watch true love unfold right before our eyes and most of all….the emotional connection. I was hooked. What an honor it is to share and document someone’s biggest day of their life. I feel luck to have such an amazing job!

Fun facts about me:

-Loves NBA basketball (Go Thunder!)

-Has been shooting professionally for 3 years.

-Is obsessed with all things hazelnut.

-Duran Duran is my favorite band.

-My dream trip is to get lost in the streets of Paris with my camera.

-I am a single mom to the most amazing little boy.


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