How Important Are Engagement Shoots?

Ahhhh….the engagement shoot. There are so many different styles. Classic, silly, cute, smitten…I mean, I have even seen some as steamy as that hot cologne ad with Victoria and David Beckham. But, no matter the content, the purpose is to document the couples love and promising future that lies ahead of them. But, there are some other reasons engagement sessions can be beneficial.

-First, a chance to get to know your photographer. This is so important. You have too many things to think about on your big day, let alone wondering if you will “click” with your photographer.  This is a no brainer.

-Second, you and your fiance will have a better understanding of how things will go on the actual wedding day. Everything from posing to the speed in which your photographer works. And on the flip side, your photographer will get a better understanding of your expectations.

-And lastly, you get to see the photographer’s work before the actual wedding. It’s like taking that sports car out for a test drive on the Autobahn before you buy.

And if you can’t afford to spring for the engagement session (which this single mom totally understands), at the very least try and meet them for dinner or even coffee. There are only a few things that actually live on past the actual wedding date….the dress, the rings and the photographs. Make sure you pick someone who will tell your story the way in which you want it told.



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